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JSON and XML Technology Lookups

The BuiltWith Domain API provides XML and JSON access to the technology information of a website which includes all technical information as found on detailed lookups at and additional meta data where available.

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Domain API Documentation


The following GET parameters can be supplied for lookups

Name Examples Required
KEY 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
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Escape paths and parameters for full urls

Multi-Lookup Option
When doing RAW domain lookups, you can parse up to 16 domains at once as a CSV. For example,, - this dramatically improves throughput.
This will hide technology description, link, tag and category fields.
This will hide technology description and link fields (but keep tag and categories).
This will only return technologies we consider to be live.
No meta data (like address, names etc..) will be returned. Improves performance.


The Domain API will respond with a document in the format -



Results is the top level response that identifies the lookup.

Name Example Description
Lookup The domain that was looked up.
Result The technology lookup Explained below.
Meta Meta object explained below. All of the meta data we have associated with this domain.
FirstIndexed 2012-07-29T14:00:00Z (xml)
1378422000000 (json)
The earliest index point for this entire domain.
LastIndexed 2014-07-29T14:00:00Z (xml)
1378822000000 (json)
The most recent index point for this entire domain.


Result contains technology lookup results.

Name Example Description
IsDB true True/False value if this lookup came from our database or was a live lookup (we had to visit the website and get technology information because we do not have a live archive).
Spend 6051 The accumulative average monthly spend based on premium technologies found on the website in USD. This figure is estimated as we don't always know the plan level a website is using for a technology.
Paths Path objects explained below. All of the path results for this lookup.


Paths only contain Path objects, they do not have any properties.


Path is a result from a URL or collection of sub-pages on a domain if the Url field is "dd".

Name Example Description
Domain The root domain
Url dd A value of dd means this path technology data is built from multiple sub-pages and is only relevant for domain only based lookups.
SubDomain blog A subdomain of the domain, for example a value of blog and a domain of is the profile for
FirstIndexed 2012-07-29T14:00:00Z (xml)
1378422000000 (json)
The earliest index point for this particular path.
LastIndexed 2014-07-29T14:00:00Z (xml)
1378822000000 (json)
The most recent index point for this particular path.


A technology is a web technology result found on the site.

Name Example Description
Name Twitter Platform The name of the technology found.
Description This page embeds the twitter platform in one method or another A description of the technology found on the page
Link A link to the website for the technology
IsPremium no Is this a paid-for technology (does it cost money to use this technology - excluding hosting) values can be yes, no or maybe
Tag javascript The base category for the technology. See categories index data for all types.
Categories (Array) Social SDK An array of sub-categories for the tag as listed under main tags on BuiltWith Trends.
FirstDetected 2012-07-29T14:00:00Z (xml)
1378422000000 (json)
The date the technology was first detected on the site by BuiltWith.
LastDetected 2017-08-17T14:00:00Z (xml)
1378422000000 (json)
The date the technology was last detected on the site by BuiltWith. See the update endpoint for last data run.


Meta data found on the lookup website - detailed lookups only will return meta data if found.

Name Example Description
CompanyName Rodale Inc. A valid incorporated company name
City San Francisco A valid city name for supported countries
Postcode 94105 A valid zip/postal code
State CA A valid state/country
Country US ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for address
Vertical Technology and Computing One of these categories or blank.
[Telephones] +1-650-745-0728 Valid international telephone numbers
[Emails] Valid domain emails
[Social] Social presence
[Names] Name->Joe Bloggs
Names, emails and job titles for people. See titles index for codes

Additional Fields

Each result contains a "Lookup" property which is the lookup in your request.

Header Messages

The following variables will be passed in the response header.

Name Example Description
X-API-CREDITS-AVAILABLE 1000 The amount of lookup credits you have available under your ID.
X-API-CREDITS-USED 400 The amount of lookup credits that you have used.


Connection points for the BuiltWith Domain API.

XML Response Endpoint

JSON Response Endpoint

Technology Categories index (json version)

All potential website vertical values (json version)

Last database update dates (json version)

Current credits used/available (json version) - note this also comes back as header variables on Lookups as X-API-CREDITS-AVAILABLE & X-API-CREDITS-USED

Job Title Codes

Profile Lookup vs. Detailed Lookup

If you provide a domain as the LOOKUP parameter (i.e. and the domain is in our database - you will get a detailed lookup Domain API response. This means the response will contain multiple Paths covering sub-domains, pages on the site and the root domain, as well as meta information where available.

If you provide a sub-domain, an internal page or a domain we do not cover (i.e. / - you will get a standard profile lookup Domain API response which will include 1 Path object covering the page you requested.


Example endpoint responses. These do not count towards your credits.

XML Lookup for domain (detailed lookup)

JSON Lookup for domain

You can provide, or (except redirects) as lookup domains without affecting your Domain API credit.

Error Codes

Error codes are wrapped in result objects.

Server returns 500 internal server error example JSON response

Note error messages in this format cannot be guaranteed, your implementation should also consider non-200 response codes as errors. The Lookup property will be null (json) or not provided (xml) if the error is server related. View all potential well-formed error codes.

Code Examples

JSON/XML have integrations in all modern programming languages. Here's some StackOverflow topics for various languages - Python, C#, Java, PHP, C++, TSQL and Ruby.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Our standard terms cover the use of the BuiltWith Domain API.

In general, you can use the Domain API to enhance your product in many ways. The only limitation is your cannot resell the data as-is or provide duplicate functionality to and its associated services.