BuiltWith Lists API

JSON and XML Technology Usage Lists


The BuiltWith Lists API provides XML and JSON access to lists of websites using particular web technologies across the entire internet.

The general access method is as follows -
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.[xml|json|txt]?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=[TECHNOLOGY NAME]


You must provide your API key in each lookup. See the examples for how this works.

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Get List

XML Get List of sites using Shopify Example
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.xml?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=Shopify

JSON Get List of sites using Magento Example
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.json?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=Magento

Get List with Meta

XML Get List of sites using Optimizely with Meta
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.xml?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=Optimizely&META=yes

Get Recent

JSON Get List of sites using Optimizely Recently (since 30 Days Ago)
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.xml?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=Optimizely&SINCE=30%20Days%20Ago

Get All Including Historical

XML Get List of sites using Magento including sites historically that have stopped using it
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.xml?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=Magento&ALL=true

Get Mega Lists

List that have over 2,000,000 results come back as RAW domain only mega lists -
https://api.builtwith.com/lists4/api.txt?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&TECH=Google-Analytics



The following GET parameters can be supplied for lookups

Name Examples Required
KEY 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Sign up for Free or Login to get a key.
The name of a technology, replaces spaces with dashes (-).
META yes
Brings back meta data with the results, which includes names, titles, social links, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, traffic ranks etc.
Gets the next page of results - use the exact value from NextOffset in response. If the value of NextOffset is END there are no more results.
SINCE 2016-01-20
Gets live sites using the technology since a certain time, accepts dates and queries i.e. 30 Days Ago or Last January for example.
ALL yes
Gets all sites including historical - cannot be used with SINCE.


The Lists API will send responses in the format -


List4 contains the property of the next page of the report (called NextOffset) as well as the array of Results and potentially an array of Errors.

Name Example Description
NextOffset QWrd7gVNwFQCWb This provides an anchor to the next page of results. Provide this under the request parameter OFFSET to get the next page of results. If NextOffSet is END you are at the end of the list.
Results[R3] Result objects explain below. All of the results for this lookup.


Results contain R3 objects that are the websites that match your query.

Name Example Description
D ycombinator.com A website that matches the query.
FI 1495580400 Epoch seconds website was first indexed.
LI 1495580400 Epoch seconds website was last indexed.
FD 1495580400 Epoch seconds technology was first detected.
LD 1495580400 Epoch seconds technology was last detected.
A 657 Alexa Top 1m Traffic Rank.
Q 565 Quantcast Top 1m Traffic Rank.
M 854 Majestic Top 1m Link Rank.
U 5460 Umbrella Top 1m Traffic Rank.
META Meta object explain below. Supplied when META=yes parameter is used.


Meta data found on the lookup website - detailed lookups only will return meta data if found.

Name Example Description
CompanyName Rodale Inc. A valid incorporated company name
City San Francisco A valid city name for supported countries
Postcode 94105 A valid zip/postal code
State CA A valid state/country
Country US ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for address
Vertical Technology and Computing One of these categories or blank.
[Telephones] +1-650-745-0728 Valid international telephone numbers
[Emails] support@site.com Valid domain emails
[Social] twitter.com/website Social presence
[Titles] CEO
Title for people at the company

Code Examples

JSON/XML have integrations in all modern programming languages. Here's some StackOverflow topics for various languages - Python, C#, Java, PHP, C++, TSQL and Ruby.

Error Codes

Note error messages in this format cannot be guaranteed, your implementation should also consider non-200 response codes as errors. The Lookup property will be null (json) or not provided (xml) if the error is server related. View all potential well-formed error codes.

Terms of Use

Our standard terms cover the use all of our APIs.

In general, you can use the API to enhance your product in many ways. The only limitation is your cannot resell the data as-is or provide duplicate functionality to builtwith.com and its associated services.