BuiltWith Social API

Find domains based on their social media profile URLs


Get XML and JSON results of websites associated with social media URLs.

The general access method is as follows -
https://api.builtwith.com/social1/api.[xml|json]?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&LOOKUP=[social-media-profile-url]


You must provide your API key in each lookup. See the examples for how this works.

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Get Social Example

XML Get Based on Single Social Profile
https://api.builtwith.com/social1/api.xml?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&LOOKUP=linkedin.com/builtwith

JSON Get Single Domain
https://api.builtwith.com/social1/api.json?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&LOOKUP=linkedin.com/builtwith

Get Broad Social Example

By providing a more broad identifier for lookup we will search all social media profiles.

XML Get Based on Single Social Profile
https://api.builtwith.com/social1/api.xml?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&LOOKUP=builtwith

JSON Get Single Domain
https://api.builtwith.com/social1/api.json?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&LOOKUP=builtwith

Supported Social Media URLs

  • Twitter
    Example: twitter.com/builtwith
  • Facebook
    Example: facebook.com/builtwith
  • LinkedIn
    Example: linkedin.com/company/builtwith
  • Google
    Example: google.com/+builtwith
  • Pinterest
    Example: pinterest.com/builtwith
  • GitHub
    Example: github.com/builtwith
  • Instagram
    Example: instagram.com/builtwith
  • Vk
    Example: vk.com/builtwith
  • Vimeo
    Example: vimeo.com/builtwith
  • Youtube
    Example: youtube.com/user/builtwith
  • TikTok
    Example: tiktok.com/@builtwith



The following GET parameters can be supplied for lookups

Name Examples Required
KEY 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Sign up for Free or Login to get a key.
LOOKUP linkedin.com/builtwith
Social Media Profile or Broad match that you'd like to lookup
Multi-Lookup Option
You can lookup 16 attributes at a time - seperate them with a comma. For example overstock,builtwith - this dramatically improves throughput.


The Social API will respond with a document in the format -


Identifier is the sub-option in the identifers array.

Name Example Description
Name overstock The social link that was looked up (excluding link).
Results Results explained below Explained below

A social URL matcher result.

Name Example Description
SocialUrl https://instagram.com/overstock The social network match we found
Domains Domains explained below Explained below

The domains that match the social profile.

Name Example Description
Root overstock.com The root domain linked to the social network
BuiltWithRank 769
-1 for out of top 1m sites
A rank that can help filter out any junk domains in the result set

Code Examples

JSON/XML have integrations in all modern programming languages. Here's some StackOverflow topics for various languages - Python, C#, Java, PHP, C++, TSQL and Ruby.

Error Codes

Note error messages in this format cannot be guaranteed, your implementation should also consider non-200 response codes as errors. The Lookup property will be null (json) or not provided (xml) if the error is server related. View all potential well-formed error codes.

Terms of Use

Our standard terms cover the use all of our APIs.

In general, you can use the API to enhance your product in many ways. The only limitation is you cannot resell the data as-is or provide duplicate functionality to builtwith.com and its associated services.