Redirects API

BuiltWith Redirects API

Website Live and Historical Redirects


API endpoint that allows you to get access to live and historical redirects for a website.

The general access method is as follows -[xml|json]?KEY=[YOUR KEY]&LOOKUP=[DOMAIN NAME]


You must provide your API key in each lookup. See the examples for how this works.

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Get Domain Example

XML Get Single Domain[YOUR KEY]&

JSON Get Single Domain[YOUR KEY]&



The following GET parameters can be supplied for lookups

Name Examples Required
KEY 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Sign up for Free or Login to get a key.
Only root domains work with the Redirect API (not internal pages or subdomains)



Redirect is the top level response that identifies the lookup.

Name Example Description
Lookup The domain that was looked up.
Inbound See below The list of sites that direct towards the Lookup.
Outbound See below The list of sites that Lookup has redirected to.

This is the domains that are either Inbound or Outbound to the Lookup with their timings

Name Example Description
Domain The domain of th redirect A domain that either redirects from or to the Lookup (depending on if it's in the Inbound or Outbound group).
FirstDetected 2018-02-01 The date we first detected the redirect
LastDetected 2024-07-15 The date we last detected the redirect