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JSON Domain API feeds delivery in bulk

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The Bulk Domain API endpoint sends you back Domain API JSON as compressed ZIP JSONL documents to your FTP or SFTP server based on a seed list of domains you provide on your server.

What you need to setup
  • A web accessible FTP or SFTP endpoint with two pre-created incoming and outgoing directories. We will send requests from IP address
  • If your endpoint fails 20 times in a row (approximately 200 minutes) you will need to visit this page to re-activate your endpoint
How to initiate jobs
  • In your outgoing folder create a file that ends in either a .txt or .csv extension that contains a list of web domains seperated by new lines
  • Do not use the same filename twice we will ignore jobs with the same filename
  • You can only provide root domains - if you provide sub-domains or internal URLs these will be stripped back to root domain only
  • We will remove duplicates in your list
  • You must have enough API credits to cover the amount of domains in your initial list, these will be credited back to your account and only the successful lookups will be deducted from your credits
What does the output look like?
  • Sample ZIP output is available here
  • Postback URL is optional. If you choose to use it a JSON document will be posted (text.txt.results.json in the sample for example)
  • If an error occurs and a Postback URL is provided the message will be
    "Message": "Error reason",
    "ID": "filename.txt"
  • Enabling the Postback URL will also provide feedback for connection issues
    "Message": "We cannot connect to the remote server",
  • Use http://webhook.site for your Postback URL to debug (recommended)

Drag and Drop Inteface

A simpler way to use this endpoint is via the drag and drop file upload Bulk Domain File Drop API.