Trends API

JSON and XML Technology Trends Data

The BuiltWith Trends API provides XML and JSON access to the technology trends data found on BuiltWith Trends.

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Trends API Documentation


The following GET parameters can be supplied for lookups

Name Examples Required
KEY 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
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TECH Google-Analytics
The name of a technology, replaces spaces with dashes (-).


The Trends API will respond with a document in the format -



Trends only contain Tech objects, they do not have any properties. They will contain a maximum of 1 Tech object.


The Tech object contains the meta information for a technology trend, its fields are explained below.

Name Example Description
Name Site Meter The technology name
Description Site Meter's comprehensive real time website tracking and counter tools give... The technology description
Link The technology link
Icon Icon link - please do not hotlink.
Tag analytics The super tag group
Categories A/B Testing,Marketing Automation The sub categories
TrendsLink Link to our trends data
Coverage->TenK 76 Amount of sites in current Top 10k Quantcast Rank
Coverage->HundredK 774 Amount of sites in current Top 100k Quantcast Rank
Coverage->Mil 5074 Amount of sites in current 1 million Quantcast Rank
Coverage->BWS 9228 Amount of sites in BuiltWith Top Sites list
Coverage->Internet 113083 Amount of sites in last Entire Internet run
Coverage->ProLive 93499 Amount of live sites in our Pro database
Coverage->ProHistorical 49872 Amount of historical sites in our Pro database


Connection points for the BuiltWith Trends API.

XML Response Endpoint

JSON Response Endpoint

Last database update dates (api.json version)


Example endpoint responses.

XML Lookup for technology "Site Meter"

JSON Lookup for technology "Optimizely"

Error Codes

Errors are wrapped as <error>message</error> or [{'error':'message'}] based on request type.

Note error messages in this format cannot be guaranteed, your implementation should also consider non-200 response codes as errors.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Our standard terms cover the use of the BuiltWith Trends API.

In general, you can use the Trends API to enhance your product in many ways. The only limitation is your cannot resell the data as-is or provide duplicate functionality to and its associated services.